Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walter update April 19th

Hello friends,

Another nice visit with Walter!! As Walter's wounds are healing and drying up, the scabs are falling off and as a result he has lost quite a bit of fur...but as I said in yesterday's post, he is already starting to grow new hair, and his skin is much less red and irritated. His paws are still swollen but they are infinitely better than when we brought him in. This healing process is all about time. Walter's energy level is higher and his tail is always wagging when he sees us. We feed him lots of yummy treats, he walks around and says hello to the room full of visitors and then always goes right for the lap and falls happily asleep. This morning the doctors told us that after he ate his breakfast he got his toy and put it in his empty dish..."he's really starting to act like a puppy"!!! He's an angel face boy!!


  1. Walter looks great! I can't wait to see him dragging you through the park...

  2. you guys just made my day.
    thanks for saving this poor little thing.

    i wish i was in the states so i could visit him.
    but at the moment, not even if i want to i can't go abroad thanks to a crazy volcano...

    anyway, i guess i'll have to keep checking this blog for more updates on walter!

    well done, guys!
    you are amazing!
    send my love to walter and you all.

  3. FYI, I have posted your story to our Facebook page, as well as sent out a notice to our over 500 members. Fort Greene PUPS is behind Walter all the way!

  4. Judging by the size of that paw he's going to be a big fella.

  5. wonderful reason to help save a dog. you guys are special. you made my day.

  6. We're sending love (and a little cash) from Joya, another pit abandoned in NYC who has now been a loving family member for 13 years and helped us raise three kids. Good luck, Walter, we're pulling for you and your new human family.

  7. you guys should add a http://www.chipin.com/ link so people can donate. i have enlisted my facebook masses!

    kiki valentine

  8. I'm thrilled to see that the comments are all about how wonderful Walter is, and how terrific it is that you all decided to help him. It's unspeakable that someone could do to him what has been done, but it's in the past now. The focus is, and should continue to be, on helping Walter get better. I'm the parent of an abused rescue dog, so nothing makes me happier than to see how Walter is improving. Like everyone else, I'll be forwarding on this link and Walter's story to everyone I know. Keep up the tremendous work.

  9. He is adorable beyond words as it is, he'll be unbearably cute once he's furry again!

    You all are wonderful for taking him in and taking care of him like this. Thank you for being so selfless and compassionate, it warms my heart to see him getting better. Hugs and belly rubs to Walter.

  10. I just caught the newest video, and Walter is a hero. Much love, and hugs to you for nursing him back to health!

  11. Awwww! He's gonna be such a sweetie. You guys are the best. So glad you found him when you did. With the love and care you're making sure he gets, he's gonna be awesome.

    Walter--Moondoggie- http://tinyurl.com/moondoggiecute

    and Riley- http://tinyurl.com/rileycute

    think you are awesome

  12. I adore his paws (though I know they shouldn't be bare like that). He is just the cutest little fellow.

  13. Energy and waggy tail = good
    Toy in bowl = great (and cheeky)
    Putting on lotsa weight = excellent
    Little puppy face = priceless

    Walter you are a little saucepot, you just keep on getting better.

    Whicky Wuudler

  14. One of the most adorable pictures, he asleep in your lap.
    He'll be better in no time with the love and compassion you have showed him and a big, big kudos for not being afraid to touch/save him that sad day.
    YOU GUYS ROCK (and so do rescue dogs who appreciate it so, so much)!!